April 01, 2018


Your Favorite Rings are Back

We're bringing back the dangler rings this spring! The simple charms add a small hint of shimmer as they delicatley swing with your every move. A small but mighty statement on its own and will become a everyday favourite of yours. Check out the disc ring  here!

March 19, 2018


March 05, 2018


How it's Made

Do you know how our jewelry is made?

Our process is hand crafted through wax designs , metal forging and casting 

Some things we outsource to other craftsmen that have been in the business for years and everything else is worked on right here in our studio. Its all about the slow art of creating that gets people coming back, and this is because you know care was put into it, you know exactly where its coming from and you know it has quality.

When I dreamed up Teonella this was one of the differences I wanted to ensure my jewelry carried

There isn't anything better then having a story behind something you own and better yet something you wear. 

Teonella jewelry is carefully thought out pieces designed for the lionhearted, carefree, conciously aware, woman who takes her accessories seriously ( but in a fun way of course)

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 X Teonella

February 05, 2018


Teonella X Urban Meets Erban

Meet our newest collaboration with blogger Claudia from Urban meets Erban

With her vision of a Northern Star we created the prefect little charm to hang on  our silver disc necklace. Her words behind the design are both encouraging and inspiring  giving it a wearable mantra

Each star is set with a stone in it's centre and also adorns another centre stone at the neck along the shorter chain. This double strand necklace makes layering easy while maintaining a sweet simplistic vibe.

Our direction for 2018 made the Star necklace a prefect melody into our collection and I couldn't have picked a better boss lady to work with!


A little Q&A with Urban meets Erban


Why did you start your blog?

I started my Blog to find a creative outlet in which I can develop my writing, share what I love and to empower women to be kinder and more supportive of each other.

What do you love about Teonella Jewelry?

I love it because its delicate but strong, unique but on trend and because it's Canadian made by my beautiful friend!

What made you choose the Northern Star?

I chose it because it represents my journey. Finding confidence in myself and trusting my personal legend. The North star represents guidance so, naturally I wanted something as a reminder that I'm on the right track!

Whats gets you more, Silver or Gold?

Gold. Always. Unless the mix is just right

What are your goals or visions for 2018?

Work: Build my niche within my blog to truly represent empowerment and a sense of community- thats going to take a lot of work and drive.

Personal: Fuel my mind and body the best I can and be happy with myself, never comparing.


X  Teonella,


Northern Star Necklace